Everything is tranquil, when it is broken or in a state decay.
The form ofthe broken pieces looks natural and peaceful to me.
The essence of nature is dynamism; where all of the different elements found in nature collide.
This phenomenon is always in a process of decay that we typically call entropy.
Here I choose to call it " temperament."
"Hakana-sa," transience, is in the impermanence of all things.
It also appears as an impulse to remain a form, while at the same time it acts as a force to resist change.
Our unconscious desire to recognize only bare sensations, those that do not flow from past experience, becomes a frail dream.
We surrender to nature, yet we are a part of it.
When the wind stirs, this is a momentary aberration. Absolute quiet,
however, lasts much longer than an undisturbed moment.

2003 temperament / A Device to Percieve -days/echoes (Kawasaki City Taro Okamoto Museum/Kanagawa,Japan)
2004 temperament (Gallery Kobo+Tomo/Tokyo,Japan)
This space is basement of the western style building that established for 85 years ago.
At that time, this gallery space was the public bath for reident of this builting.
movie >> temperament for hallucination of bath
2005 temperament (Tride At Gallery/Chiba,Japan)
2005 temperament (Kanazawa 21 century Museum/Ishikawa,Japan)
2005 temperament / Musubinowaza (AIU Gallery/Aichi,Japan)
2007 temperament (Yokoyama Memorial Manzu Museum/Tokyo,Japan)