While relying only on people's behavior, you wait for an atmosphere coming down from invisible dimension.


This is a big music instrument that I made with people in Sekiya,Shinjo-city,Yamagata,JAPAN.
Sitting down in the tent on the trail and seeing the familiar sight, let's just listen to the wind.
We are living by the gift from the land.
And by making the device in the air of this land, we wait for the music coming down from the sky.
On sunny, rainy, cloudy day, or morning, day time, evening, mid-night, and even when no one is there,
the shower of the music is coming down on the field from the sky through the winds all around.
I came to Shinjo every year just to listen to the sound and made this installation with the local people there.
There is nothing irrelevant here, and the sound could start from one string that you tighten.
Thank you for the great sound for this year.

1997 tel-a -listen to the sound from far distance / Mogami Environmental Art Festival[prize] (rice field/Yamagata,Japan)
1998 tel-a -Whole rice field instrumant/ Mogami Environmental Art Festival[prize] (rice field/Yamagata,Japan)
1999 tel-a / Mogami Environmental Art Festival[prize] (rice field/Yamagata,Japan)
2000 telfa /Sound Picnic(Tama River side field/Kanagawa,Japan)
2003 tel-a / A device of Percieve -days/echoes (Kawasaki City Taro Okamoto Museum/Kanagawa,Japan)
2008 Resonance :A thousands string telephone extended in a rice field / 21 century Spirits (compilation CD /MeiBan,Japan)