Sound for a moment, which actually sounds longer after it gets quiet.


1996 sugar cubes #3 / Tsurugi Contemporary Art Festival'96 (on the empty lot/Ishikawa,Japan)
1997 Weld / Tsurugi Contemporary Art Festival'97 (on the empty lot/Ishikawa,Japan)
1998 Diary of invisible creatures / Tsurugi Contemporary Art Festival'98 (on the empty lot/Ishikawa,Japan)
1999 Taro Okamoto Contemporary Art Prize Competition [Highest Prize at the time] (Olympic Memorial Youth Center/Tokyo,Japan)
1999 Threshould / Empty Garden (Watarium Museum/Tokyo,Japan)
2003 Device for Perceive -days/echoes- (Kawasaki City Taro Okamoto Museum/Kanagawa,Japan)
2007 VACUP -emerald mountain coffee campain- (Selected Cafe Restaurat in Aoyama Area/Tokyo,Japan)
2019 threshold / Art and Society; 20th anniversary of Taro Okamoto Museum kawasaki(Taro Okamoto Museum kawasaki,Japan)

Chronicle of " Threshold"