There are things that do not leave any trace in the real world
: Light,shadow, sound, tension, looseness... And they are just floating in aspace.
This is a device for those.



1988 Two hearts beat as one / Apartheit Non! (Gifu Prefeture Museumt/Gifu,Japan)
1991 rehearsal-Flora dd (Alternative Space ED Labo/Aichi,Japan)
1991 dimension x distance / One day university of contemporary Art by Mr.Jan Hoet(Watarium Museum/Tokyo,Japan)
1991 Cie il sol se... (Yutaka Gallery/Nagoya,Japan)
1991 Shadows and Light (Gifu civic center/Gifu,Japan)
1991 dimension x distance / Sony Legend of Entartainment competition [Highest prize] (Terada Warehouse/Tokyo,Japan)
1992 Das Drehbares Haus / cool break (Nagoya port warehouse C4B/Aichi,Japan)
1995 Das Drehbares Haus / Tsurugi contemporary Art Festival (empty building/Ishikawa,Japan)