Lucies in the sky with diamods
all rights reserved (c) Yumito Awano
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Because the digital watermark is buried under all 360dpi image, you occasionally feel that the image quality is deteriorated.
If that is inconvenient in the print, please inform your required images to me.
I prepare the digital watermark released version.
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00_flowers_wm 01_trim_wm 02_bk_wm 03_polygon_wm 27_mouse_wm 28_sheep_wm 29_bone_wm
00_flowers_wm 01_trim_wm 02_bk_wm 03_polygon_wm 27_mouse_wm 28_sheep_wm 29_bone_wm

04_watarium_1.jpg 05_watarium_2.jpg 06_cycle_nagoya_wm 07_cycle_toride_wm
04_watarium_1_wm 05_watarium_2_wm 06_cycle_nagoya_wm 07_cycle_toride_wm

@ 2000
08_tama_1_wm 09_tama_2_wm
08_tama_1_wm 09_tama_2_wm

@ 2001
10_media_wm 11_loreal_1_wm 12_loreal_2_wm
10_media_wm 11_media 12_loreal_1_wm 13_loreal_2_wm

@ 2002
@ 2003
13_taro_1_wm 14_taro_2_wm 15_taro_3_wm 16_taro_4_wm 17_taro_5_wm 18_taro_6_wm
15_taro_1_wm 16_taro_2_wm 17_taro_3_wm 18_taro_4_wm 19_taro_5_wm 20_taro_6_wm 21_LCWS_taro
19_opera_1_wm 20_opera_2_wm 21_opera_3_wm 22_opera_4_wm
22_opera_1_wm 23_opera_2_wm 24_opera_3_wm 25_opera_4_wm 26_LCWS_opera1 27_LCWS_opera2 28_LCWS_watarium

@ 2004
29_makisato_wm 30_kobo+tomo 31_kobo+tomo 32_LCWS_watarium

@ 2005
24_kanazawa_1_wm 25_kanazawa_2_wm 26_kanazawa_3_wm
33_kanazawa_1_wm 34_kanazawa_2_wm 35_kanazawa_3_wm 36_A.S.U

@ 2006
37_kobo_1 38_kobo_2 39_kobo_3 40_kobo_4 41_asobitai
@ 2007
42_fuse_1 43_fuse_2 44_fuse_3 45_fuse_3