The world that you see through Lucies is a 'sight' created inner yourself.
It is an illusion emerges when the interference phenomenon in the light environment encounter the inner world of yourself through the interface called human eyes.
I name that 'Lucies.'
The sequence of light dazzling just before the limen that retinal stimulation creates image.
The image will disappear as color and as brightness just before making meanings. There is no meaning before image.
Our primal eyes were developed to seek for shapes and meanings.
Find your way in the light trying to surround you in a blink of an eye, editing information,
and reaching a goal with involuntary reaction, and seek for a new light released from any meanings.
Let's go around with Lucies.

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1999 Lucy in the sky with Diamond, Lucies in the sky with Diamonds, Lucies wall / Empty Garden (Watarium Museum/Tokyo,Japan)
1999 Lucies by cycle / Toride re-cycling art festival (public park / Chiba,Japan)
1999 Lucies by cycle / GIVEN (Warehouse in Nagoya port / Aichi,Japan)
2000 Square / Border / invisible exhibition (at the pond of Partenon Tama /Tokto,Japan)
2000 Square / Mikuni Trick Art Competition exhibition (Mikuni civic center /Fukui,Japan)
2000 Square / Exhibition of Basic Design Association (Techtopia / Gifu,Japan)
2001 Rotors / Message (Sendai Mediateque / Miyagi,Japan)
2001 wall / Loreal Arts and Science fundation workshop exhibition (Tokyo Design Center / Tokyo,Japan)
2002 Lucies on rotor chair + scientific presentation / International Association of Experimental Aesthetic (Takarazuka Zokei Geijutsu University / Hyoogo,Japan)
2002 Workshop:Lucies Factory01 / Milcra seminar (Tokyo Zokei University /Tokyo,Japan)
2003 Pollen, Patterns, Flowers, Cardiac dysrhythmia / Device for Perceive -days/echoes- (Kawasaki City Taro Okamoto Museum/Kanagawa,Japan)
2003 Workshop:Lucies Factory02,03 / Device for Perceive -days/echoes-(Kawasaki City Taro Okamoto Museum/Kanagawa,Japan)
2003 Pollen II / Girl! Girl! Girl! (Tokyo operacity Art Gallery / Tokyo,Japan)
2003 Workshop:Lucies Factory04,05,06,07,08,09/ Girl! Girl! Girl! (Tokyo operacity Art Gallery / Tokyo,Japan)
2003 Workshop:Lucies Factory10 /Art One Day Elementary School (Watarium Museum / Tokyo,japan)
2004 Workshop:Lucies Factory11 (Tokiwamatsu High School/Tokyo,japan)
2004 Charactors / Through your organ+LC's Factory (Gallery Kobo+Tomo / Tokyo,Japan)
2005 Lucies Chronicle / Vision for Human (Kanazawa 21 century museum / Ishikawa,Japan)
2005 Lucies Chronicle / Musubi no waza (ASU GAllery in Aichi Industrial Univiesity / Aichi,Japan)
2005 Workshop:Lucies Factory12 /Art One Day Kindergarden (Watarium Museum / Tokyo,japan)
2006 Wall, shadows and reflexion /Omage for Oribe:Shigeru Uchida+Yumtio Awano exhibition (Gallery kobo basement / Tokyo,Japan)
2007 Wall, Pollen, 3D shadows, Charactor's Garden / Fuse/fureru (Gallery AUBU / Kyoto,Japan)
2008 Rotor Charactors /Fuse/fureru (Sesnon Gallery / Santa Cruiz,USA)
2010 Wall, Fragments /After dark:Resolution (Exploratorium / San Francisco,USA)